Our investment criteria are based on following guiding principles:

Therapeutic Areas: We focus on large therapeutic areas including but not limited to: Cardiovascular, Neurovascular, Respiratory, Ophthalmology, Orthopedics and Spine, Metabolic: Obesity and Diabetes, ENT. We are also interested in Neuromodulation based therapies targeting multiple disease states.

Stage: We invest in both early (companies raising their first or second venture financing rounds, with some proof of concept), and later stage companies (companies that have strong clinical data and are seeking regulatory approval).

Technology Profile: We are interested in platform technologies. We invest in companies with strong intellectual property positions allowing these companies to maximize the value of their technology platform. A unique and proprietary product pipeline is key.

Development, Regulatory, and Clinical Path: A known, predictable, and capital efficient path for product development, clinical trials, and regulatory approval.

Health Economics and Reimbursement Profile: The company must deliver compelling health care value in a cost-constrained healthcare system and have a well-defined path to procure reimbursement for its products.

Leadership Teams: We work with motivated management teams that bring relevant domain experience, proven track records, and great collaboration skills. We expect to work with the management teams through the life cycle of our engagement with the company and often expect to work with them in future on additional investment opportunities.

Geography: Our focus is on companies located in the United States, Ireland, and Europe.

Collaborative Approach and Treo Engagement: We believe that our time and attention is best utilized where our training, expertise and experiences can bring unique value to the company, its products, technology, and the markets that the Company is addressing.



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